In True Blood “Spellbound” there was a doll, a ghost, and a very steamy True Blood shower scene. But, as with every episode, there was also questions! Below we serve them up for your consideration. (Let us know if you have theories by utilizing the comment section!))

1. Was it unfair for the show not to prep us to realize that Maxine Fortenberry was actually Tommy? The payoff was brilliant in hindsight though. I kind of thought maybe she’d just been drugged, at first! So classic.

2. Shouldn’t Alcide have had Bill or Eric give Sookie their blood to heal her, rather than taking her off? A paramedic can’t work as well as V, and he knows it.

3. Is it wrong that Debbie is so jealous of Sookie? It seems pretty justified. That said, does anyone like Debbie?

4. All of that chanting, and only one vampire died? As Bill pointed out, not every vampire knows each other. You mean that in that whole area no other vampires were ill informed to silver themselves, or refused to do it? I don’t believe that only one died.

5. Shouldn’t we just let Jason and Bill run the whole of Louisiana? With them both, you have sympathy for humans and vampires working together to keep people alive and er, undead. I loved the little scene these two had with each other. AS Melissa pointed out, they work well together.

6. Did the True Blood shower scene really happen? I have not read the books, but I was given to believe that the True Blood shower scene in book is different and a really big deal. If you’ve read the book and now seen “Spellbound” do you think that this was a good re-imagining of it?

Inside True Blood “Spellbound”

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