This season of True Blood has had it’s ups and downs, but we are entering the final two episodes, so you know that some crazy stuff is going to happen. The tension stayed high this week and the final moment set up what is sure to be an intense end to season four.

True Blood Season 4 Review ‘Soul of Fire’

Andy thinks he was touched by an angel

The walk back from Fort Bellefleur doesn’t go so well for Andy at first. He is talking to himself. My mom always used to say it’s not bad until you start answering yourself – well, Andy was answering, and with attitude. As he enters a field he sees a ball of light and out of it pops a beautiful lady, Morella. We know she is a faerie, but obviously Andy is confused. She faerie zaps him at first, smelling the vampire blood he has in his body. But then when she realizes he is human, she does what anyone would do – seduce him into sleeping with her. (What, ladies? This isn’t what you would do to Andy Bellefleur upon finding him alone in the woods? Huh.)

She makes him swear on the light that he will protect her from the bad stuff in the woods, and when he does they do some weird finger light touch. Someone was watching ET when they wrote this script! (That movie makes me cry so much that I started to get misty just at this vague and probably unintentional reference!) When he gets home he tells Arlene about it who, obviously, thinks this is just some sort of side effect to the V, and ultimately so does Andy. This storyline, that finally brings back the fact that there are faeries that are interfering with the human world, must be going somewhere beyond Andy thinking he’s gone a little cuckoo…. But where?

Marcus is a dead f***ing wolf

Sam and Alcide (who I hope become BFFs and have a spin-off buddy comedy) are still interrogating one of the Weres that helped to kill Tommy. He is less than helpful, naturally, because he would never betray his pack master. While they are questioning him, Luna comes racing in to make threats of her own – Marcus picked Emma up from school without permission and now she can’t find them. She is in such a rage, she doesn’t even see Sam there at first. Sam tells her Marcus killed Tommy, which doesn’t really settle her (duh) but this new kidnapping development does stir the other guy to give up the small tidbit that Marcus is in town but he doesn’t know where. Meanwhile, Marcus is at Alcide’s trying to get Debbie to come with him and Emma and be Emma’s new Were Mommy.

Debbie is a crazy psycho, but to her benefit, she does repeatedly refuse Marcus because she loves Alcide. Not enough to not sleep with Marcus, just enough not to run away with him. Emma, a little upset to be stuck in this strange house with a Daddy she isn’t really fond up, calls mom. Luna answers, glad she is okay, but frustrated Emma doesn’t know where she is – but when she pulls the phone away to see the number – Alcide recognizes it. You know, because it is his.

They go to his house and Sam has Luna wait with Emma outside. He and Alcide go upstairs, and Alcide is PISSED to find Marcus and Debbie in his bedroom. Sam agrees to a one on one fight – no guns, no shifting. Debbie keeps trying to stop it,but Alcide pushes her back. Sam wins but doesn’t kill Marcus because he is the better man. However since Marcus is a douche he grabs the gun to shoot Sam. Alcide stops him and kills him. Then he does the Were version of a break up with Debbie – he abjurs her. It’s rough. Sam tells Luna about Marcus, but it is unclear where that leaves the two of them.

Showdown at the Moon Goddess Emporium

Wow. Okay….. You can’t tell but I’m taking a deep breath so I can explain what happened here. Before our Vamps in Black Leather could fire a bunch of RPGs at the Moon Goddess, Jason came out of nowhere to stop them – Sookie is inside now, so they can’t blow the place up. Bill and Eric both hesitated for a moment, and Jason got in both of their faces about how Sookie has saved them (and loved them). Pam, wasn’t feeling it and said she didn’t want her entire species to die for, and I quote, “a gash in a sundress.” Wow. I repeat, wow.

Jason also showed them there is a big protective spell around the joint, so they can’t get in anyway. Inside, Marnie told the coven the vamps were there to kill them, but you know, leave if you want. One chic went to, so Marnie made a knife fly into her chest and killed her. At that point, Antonia flew out having had enough of Marnie and her psycho-ness. Lafayette could see what no one else could – that Antonia wanted to leave, and was fighting the binding spell that Marnie was doing. Unfortunately for everyone, Marnie won. Marnie sends the two zombie-vampires outside to kill the crew. Bill and Eric kill one and then threaten the other. Holly and Sookie try to tell Marnie she is winning, so just go and negotiate with the vamps. So she takes Sookie outside. First she demonstrates the the protection wall is the power of the sun using the other zombie-vamp – for a human it’s like a jolt, but for a vamp, it’s death. Then she negotiates.

Unfortunately, her form of negotiation is: Sookie lives if Bill & Eric kill themselves. To Sookie, Pam and Jessica’s horror, they agree. Because they love her. Pam is having none of it. She is so mad that Eric would choose Sookie over himself (and Pam) that she goes, grabs the RPG and despite Eric’s orders, fires it at the Moon Goddess. The wall stops it and the blast goes back on them. Not so bad for the vamps, but Jason is half dead so Jess gives him a lot of blood. Again. Pam tries to apologize to Eric, but his love for Sookie is too much and he tells her to leave. Inside, Jesus tries to tell Marnie that the dead girl is alive, she believes him and lets him take the body into the bathroom. In there he and Lafayette do a spell that brings out his devil head again.

Out in the main room, Marnie gets everyone (inexplicably including Sookie) into a circle to do a spell on the vamps. She tells them it’s a protection spell, but it’s really just trying to get the vamps to walk into the sun wall. Jason is trying to hold them back and screams in his head to Sookie to do something – and she does. She faerie blasts the circle. Marnie is done with Sookie and puts her in a ring of fire that closes in. At that point, Jesus finally goes all devil head and gets Antonia free of Marnie – she goes off to the spirit world, the fire goes out, the protection wall goes down and Eric and Bill come in. Sookie tells her guys it’s only Marnie who is bad. Roy, says it is him too (he and Marnie did high five earlier!) so Eric rips his heart out and drinks from it like a straw. Hot. (just kidding) Then Bill shoots Marnie. The end.

Not the end.

As we all know there is still one whole episode left so this can not end well. Bill & Eric both exchange glances with Sookie as they have a very intense (but inaudible) conversation. Jason and Jessica flirt a bit, realizing all that blood of her in him will cause even more tension. And then there is Jesus and Lafayette – they go home and Jesus is feeling very guilty about Marnie. Laf tells him she just got what is coming to her. But as Jesus goes to sleep, Laf looks up at the ceiling. Who’s floating above him? Marnie! And she goes right inside him. Seriously – is there a way to prevent that? Because someone really should have shown Lafayette by now!

The previews for next week look so insane! I’m excited to see what happens. My general thoughts: I’m VERY scared for Jesus. Why? Look at Kevin Alejandro’s past work experience: he ALWAYS dies. But in the positive: next week is the arrival of Scott Foley’s character, who I guess is a major part of season 5. And speaking of season 5 – in book 5 a fairly major character is introduced (I won’t say who, or what, he is) that becomes a love interest for Sookie. I actually really enjoyed the character, but I’d be okay if he either doesn’t exist in the series, or at least just isn’t another love interest for Sookie. Thoughts?

Hit the comments on your thoughts about this episode and what you think is in store for us next week!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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