True Blood season 4 gave us moonlit sex (which was beautiful, truly), handcuffs (poor Jason), friendly flirty (and then, boom, not so poor Jason…) and a bodysnatching (or technically two…)  in the episode “I Wish I was the Moon.” Let’s talk about what we need to suss out before next’s week episode.

True Blood Season 4 Review Questions for “I Am the Moon”

Werepanther is a No Go?

Debbie may not seem entirely reliable, but Alcide does. And if he says that a bite won’t make someone into a were-whatever, then I’m inclined to believe him. Despite that tons of fans want to see Jason as a werepanther, I don’t think it’ll happen. But it’s a question mark in the air, there’s always a loophole… Will Jason Stackhouse become a werepanther?

Is this too fast?

Depending on your perspective you might see things very differently about the new romance we’ve got going. Do you think Eric and Sookie is happening fast, or slow? I understand that for fans (such as myself) who wanted Eric and Sookie together since season 1, it’s been a slow climb to this point. But on the other hand, Sookie’s only considered him at all at the start of this season….so I think she’s been pretty fast with him. I could have enjoyed a few more teasing will they/won’t they moments of kisses and lusty looks. But what about you?

Bill the Lonley and Noble

So, we know that Bill almost staked Eric and gave him the truth death. And then all of a sudden he WHOOSHED and gave mercy? I wonder how that played out. And I also really wonder how he saved face with the other vampires there. Like, “Hey, okay, I was gonna kill him and all, but I think I’ll just pass on it.” More importantly, since he went and said that Eric was a danger and got official clearance to kill him, don’t you think people will be mad that Bill didn’t? That isn’t showing good leadership skills, buddy.

True Blood Season 4 Review: Frolic in the Full Moon Light…

Grandfather’s got a…?

You know that pregnant lady who was in the house with Grandfather, Jesus and Lafayette? Who was she? Grandfather’s wife? Niece? Neighbor? Is he her sugar daddy?

You’re a Real Doll

Okay, that baby doll? We got only the tiniest bit of information about it when we saw a black woman (all ghosty) that Mikey could see, but no one else could. I’m pretty sure that all the weird things going on have been due to the doll, and not the actual baby. Do you think I’m wrong?

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