Amidst the chaos of True Blood “Run” we found ourselves wondering several things. And we bet you did, too. The least of which is wondering if Jessica’s musical taste in Taylor Swift makes her seem less cool. Cause, c’mon.

  • Didn’t it seem like Sookie’s romantic threesome fantasy was going to include some Eric and Bill kissing? It seemed like it was on the brink of happening.
  • Shouldn’t Sookie have tried to call Bill on his cell phone instead of driving to the venue?
  • Did Debbie force herself to think certain nice thoughts when Sookie was reading her mind? It was established that Debbie knew about the gift, so this seems to make sense.

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  • Is it curious that in Sookie’s dream, her Eric 2.0 was dressed as the old, Evil Eric 1.0? Did anyone else notice this?
  • Have you ever laughed so much at someone being called a monster? Oh, poor Hoyt.
  • If Lafayette was aware of what was going on while he was possessed, wasn’t there a way for him to fight back? Now that he’s aware that this can happen, will he have a training montage of learning how to keep spirits from inhabiting his body?
  • After Tara burnt her hand on one door, did it really seem smart to have someone go burn their hand on another door? Like, maybe Antonia just accidentally forgot to lock one of the doors?

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