By now you’ve seen True Blood season 4’s episode, “I’m Alive and on Fire.” I mean, admit it. You stay up late every Sunday to watch it, no matter what. Which is cool, I usually do too. And each episode brings us another set of questions to tackle. As I do every week, I break them down.

Will Jason really be transforming into a panther now? It seems an inevitability. What is less certain is what he’ll really do if/when he sees Crystal again, would he really kill her? While Crystal says Jason will have to come back to Hot Shot because it’s the only place that takes him, don’t you think he’ll use his sister as a support group instead?

Did Sookie feel bad about telling Bill that she didn’t know where Eric was, and that she’s never lied to him (while lying right to his Kingly face?) It seems like she’s really severing her loyalties to Bill, and there might not be any guilt there.

As gross was it was to realize that Bill and his new ladylover are related, is there a deeper meaning for why they took so much time to show us that? And was it funny to anyone else that Bill admitted the truth moments after swearing he wouldn’t?

Does Debbie really trust Alcide or is she going to want to deal with Sookie again?

Okay, is Pam going to recover without the help of a spell, or not? That’s some bad ju ju.

Was Marnie actually trying to help fix the Eric problem, or just going through the motions to look like she was?

What is the identity of the witch that possesses Marnie? Why is she coming out now?

Who is the damn vampire “Authority”? Is it possibly just a myth to keep people in check?

Would Jason have died without Jessica’s vampire blood? Was he so far gone that the V will only be working to help him recover, or will he start getting addicted to it again and go into cahoots with Andy?

Do you think the message on the wall about the baby not being his/theirs was a message from the doll baby or the real baby? …That’s confusing. You know what I mean.

Inside the episode:

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