Below are the top 6 burning questions on our minds after watching True Blood “Cold Grey Light of Dawn.”

6. Who is the black woman that Arlene’s baby sees? Seriously, this is driving me nuts. What does she want? Does she just like children, or does she want something from the child? And how the hell can the baby see her but almost no one else can?

5. When Alcide assures Debbie he doesn’t like Sookie, is that the truth for him right now? Or does he secretly have a crush on her? Or do we just WANT him to secretly have a crush on her?

4. Isn’t it awfully hard for the vampires to talk while silvered over their necks? When I have even the tiniest inkling of a sore throat I use Chloroseptic and refuse to speak too much for dramatic “I am unwell!” purposes.

3. I understand why Marni/Antonia’s cause appeals to Tara. But I do not understand why so many others are willing to gather together to take down vampires.

2. What will happen with Sookie learns that Tara is on the other side of this war? Could you even blame either of them for their respective positions? Sookie’s had mostly great things happen to her with vampires, while Tara … not so much.

1. What will happen when Eric recovers his memories?

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