Lesson learned on tonight’s episode of True Blood: When it is the full moon things get even stranger in Bon Temps. And you can find just about anyone roaming around in the woods. Below is our True Blood review for “I Wish I was the Moon.”

Has anyone ever told you that you look JUST like your brother?

Before I get to the crazy day Tommy had, let’s find out what happened at Arlene and Terry’s first. The self-lighting matchbook fire started to spread and eventually woke Arlene and Terry. Terry went to get the older kids out while Arlene tried to grab Mikey… but he wasn’t in the crib. She started to frantically search the house for him, but Terry eventually just grabbed her and dragged her out and before he could go back in to find the baby, the house exploded. Arlene freaked, but not to worry – the baby was already waiting for the family outside along with creepy doll. And when Arlene picked up Mikey he started smiling and cooing over her shoulder and a mysterious black woman in the fog/smoke who wasn’t there when Arlene looked. Maybe it isn’t Rene doing the haunting! The next morning Sam, who owns the house, is left to deal with the mess, including Terry’s crazy cousin Andy who is still on edge. He is also very strong and flirts a bit with Holly (who lived in the other half of the duplex) while carrying a chair for her. Andy, Andy, Andy! Since Sam is busy, he calls a distressed Tommy to take care of things for him at Merlotte’s. Tommy says fine and then freaks out and smacks his head a bunch of times – must have smacked it pretty hard because he shifted into Sam. That cheered him up a bit.

He went to work, fired Sookie for being late and proceeded to tell her he didn’t understand why Sam always gave her special treatment. Sookie, so upset apparently, found nothing weird about Sam talking in the third person. He also talked to Maxine and found out what a nasty woman she can be as she trash talked Tommy to “Sam.” Then later he went back to the trailer where Luna showed up looking to seal the deal with Sam. And they did, because Tommy is not one to say no to a woman who takes her shirt off. I love that Luna was underwhelmed by the sex, and a bit unsure of why it was so lackluster. Then, starting to feel sick for staying Sam for so long, Tommy threw Luna out and changed back. But things didn’t go well. He started vomiting and when Sam came home, he found Tommy passed out with what looked like some vital organs puked up next to him. Say it with me now: GROSS! But any pity Sam has right now will probably go out the door when he finds out how royally Tommy just screwed up his life!

Excuse me, I think I just swallowed a spirit

Down in Mexico, Lafayette and Jesus deal with Jesus’ crazy grandfather. He is not too anxious to help the grandson that ran away from home, but says he will if Jesus and Lafayette bring him a sacrifice… thankfully not a human one. The two go out into the desert and the old ways start coming back to Jesus who is able to capture a rattlesnake. They take it back to Grandfather and his pregnant whatever she is. As Grandfather starts getting the ceremony ready he cuts his wrists in the same way Marnie does when she tries to summon the spirit of Antonia. He tells Jesus it is the same magic, but Jesus says she never does that. Grandfather finds it very amusing that Jesus travels all this way and he doesn’t even know where the real danger is coming from – not the vamps but Marnie. Pregnant girl padlocks the door (that’s not good) and Grandfather takes the snake out and has it bite Jesus. Then he walks out and tells Lafayette to save him. The two start to freak out. But then the room starts to spin a bit for Lafayette who sees another Mexican guy in the corner who wasn’t there before. He runs and Laf and then turns into black smoke and enters into Lafayette at which point Lafayette starts talking differently and telling Jesus he is okay because Tio Luca is here. He says a spells and fixes Jesus. When Jesus is better Lafayette is back to himself unsure what just happened. Back in Bon Temps, Marnie is still in a cell in Bill’s basement. She uses her fingernails to perform the ceremony to try to get Antonia to take her over. It works and she finds herself being transported back to Spain seeing Antonia being raped by Luis, the Louisiana sheriff that told Bill about Antonia on last week’s episode. He was one of the vampire priests. Antonia said she would make them pay – and she did. Next we see her on the stake burning and chanting a spell – the one Luis told of – and all the vampires came out and met the sun. Then, back in the cell, Antonia appears before Marnie, and then entered her body. Marnie got a super creepy smile and started staring at the security camera, where Luis was watching upstairs. He came down, realizing Antonia had taken over, and as soon as he threatened her with fangs, Antonia stopped him and brought him to his knees with her powers. This is not going to be good.

To Shift or Not To Shift…

Alcide is none too happy when he comes home from work and finds Debbie Pelt with the Shreveport pack master. He tries to be civil with Alcide, saying that he is sorry for any harshness the last time, but it is just hard times and he really needs a guy like Alcide on his side. Alcide throws him out, but Debbie says she will be with the pack tonight for the full moon. She tells Alcide that she needs the pack because last time all she had in her life was Alcide and when she lost that she went crazy, so she needs the were pack to give her something to do. This would be a good argument if we didn’t know that Debbie was totally nuts, part of a pack or not. Meanwhile, Sookie goes to look for Jason and finds him handcuffed to the bed in is house.  I love he thought to himself “get out Sookie” and she just tells him she can hear him! Jason is so dumb sometimes. Sookie, understandably, thinks this is some sort of sex act gone awry, but he explains he thinks he is turning into a were panther. She stays with him – pointing out the handcuffs would just come off anyway if he changed. They sit outside with a shot gun and beers, but when she goes to get more beer, he runs off to protect her from his bad ass were-self. He gets scared in the woods, which Jessica senses because of their blood bond, and she comes and calms him down. Out in the woods with her shotgun, Sookie is looking for Jason and runs into Debbie – she doesn’t put the shotgun down til she sees Alcide though. She asks them if a person can become a were by being bitten, and Alcide says no, so Sookie goes off to find Jason, but Alcide seems worried, much to Debbie’s chagrin. Jason and Jessica talk and flirt a bit, but Jason realizes maybe he isn’t changing so they say goodbye and agree not to tell Hoyt. Uh oh! Will Jason still change??? (I’m disappointed if he doesn’t, btw).

Tara should’ve stayed Toni

Tara, upset her girlfriend found out about her real identity and the fact that a ton of vamps are going to want her dead, mopes around in Lafayette’s house. When there is a knock at the door, she answers it with a gun in hand, but it is just her New Orleans girlfriend, Naomi. Tara gives her an explanation about life in Bon Temps and how she was just trying to run away, but her feelings for Naomi are real. They make up and head to Merlottes. I’m not sure how they get served any food because Jessica is serving since Holly and Arlene are dealing with the fire (then Jess leaves to take care of Jason), Terry is also dealing with the fire, Sam and/or Tommy aren’t there, Sookie has been fired and Lafayette is in Mexico. Tara and Naomi head outside, possibly because Merlotte’s has shut down, and Naomi asks if Tara is going to come back to New Orleans. She wavers, but things change pretty quick – Pam shows up (we’ll get to how she escaped Bill’s next) and is ready to get some revenge for her rotting face and runs after the two girls.

Frolic in the Full Moon Light

At the end of last week two things happened that we knew would not mesh well: Sookie and Eric kissing and Bill finding out Sookie had Eric in the house. Bill interrupted a fairly hot and heavy make out session between the blonde ones which started a fight between the two vamps. But when Sookie told Eric to stop because Bill was his king, Eric stopped and bowed down, definitely throwing Bill through a loop. They went to Bill’s mansion and Bill and Sookie fought as Eric was put in silver handcuffs and led down to the cells. Bill was mad Sookie lied, but Sookie pointed out that was beyond hypocritical. Then he said he is doing this because Eric is under the witch’s control and could be dangerous, and Eric is a manipulator and trying to get into Sookie’s pants. Sookie said he couldn’t have it both ways and if he was just doing this out of jealousy he is a petty bastard (I’m paraphrasing and possibly adding some of my own opinion in here). He throws her out, and tells the guards to detain her if she sets foot on the property again. Then he calls Nan and requests to put Eric to the True Death. (Not going to happen, unless Alan Ball has riot gear ready around his home) Down in the cell, Pam gives Eric a stern talking to telling him he needs to go back to his bad ass Viking God self, but he says he doesn’t want to because that guy was a real ass (again, I paraphrase). When Bill has Eric taken outside with the guards to stake him (no need to be messy inside and ruin the carpets!) Eric has a few last words. He doesn’t want to fight the punishment because based on everything people have told him, old Eric deserves to be punished. He would like Pam set free to finish rotting in peace and he wants Bill to tell Sookie that those 4 days with her were the happiest ever and he loves her. He also suggests Bill try to win her back because all he wants is for Sookie to be happy, and if that can happen with Bill after he is dead, then that is  what Eric wants. Bill’s face is perfection here because you can see the confusion, jealousy and respect. He pulls back the stake…. but doesn’t go through with it, as we find out when Sookie finds Eric in the woods and he says that Bill let him and Pam go. As Bill stands on his porch drinking with the sad sack face, Eric and Sookie fans around the world squeal in delight as the two finally get together in a beautiful moonlit clearing in the woods.

Happy Eric/Sookie fans? I can (virtually) hear you screaming from here. Do you think Jason will turn or not? What in the heck is up with Mikey and the creepy doll? And how many more episodes until Debbie Pelt cracks?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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