The True Blood episode “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?” has me wondering about Jason’s fate, Eric’s curse, and Sookie’s peculiar choice of leisure activities.

True Blood Review Questions for Season 4 episode 3:

  1. What was that black paste that Crystal was using on Jason’s wounds?
  2. Did that line of female werepanthers mean that they were all there to be “serviced” by Jason?
  3. Did Bill set Eric up?
  4. Who is the real woman who erased Eric’s mind?
  5. Will Marni stop being herself and transform into someone new?
  6. What will the coven do next? Will they stop meeting, or defy Eric’s law?
  7. If Jessica was caught on camera feeding, will Bill really have her meet the true death? I feel like he’d pull strings and say it was okay for her. Besides, if a vampire is caught on camera without their knowledge it seems a little unfair to kill them, right?
  8. Would Hoyt not have gotten over the fact that Jessica feed on another man if she hadn’t glamoured him? That seemed unnecessary. Just go through the pain, Jess!
  9. Will Jason really get the women pregnant with little werepanther babies?
  10. Although the book shout-out to Charlaine Harris was nice, can you really imagine Sookie being the type to start reading a book? Please. She’d veg out in front of the TV if anything.
  11. The Fairy Godmother is now dead! Or is she? And is she good or evil?

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