Big, bad Eric Northman has turned into a sweet, protective vampire. But that doesn’t mean Sookie will have him under control. This will inevitably lead to trouble… and a death!

Advil and a baby doll

Jessica, feeling a little guilty after her night out at Fangtastia goes to see her Daddy Vamp, Bill. Love seeing these two together and how much their relationship has progressed into an almost normal father/daughter dynamic. She confesses what she did and he tells her she needs to tell Hoyt and be honest. He also tells her if she winds up on camera sucking on a human’s neck, he won’t be able to protect her. That’s bad stuff, since about 3 minutes before Bill sentenced a guy to The True Death for doing that exact thing. Jessica also gets some Advil from one of the human guards, you know, because that is what she was supposed to be out doing. When she gets home Hoyt is on the couch with that creepy old baby doll that we last saw in the season finale last summer. Turns out they have tried to get rid of it multiple times – Hoyt took it to the dump, Jess put it at the bottom of the lake – but it keeps coming back. SCARY! But the focus gets taken off the doll when Jess confesses to Hoyt. He doesn’t take it very well, natch, and so Jess glamours him so he will forget. Poor Jess and Hoyt. Later Jess brings the doll to work to give to Arlene and Terry’s baby. He loves it. Good idea – give the evil doll to the evil baby. I’m SURE that will have no bad results in the future.

Jason Stackhouse: Baby Maker, Andy Bellefleur: Crazy Maker

Jason has spent about 90% of the season so far tied up shirtless and sweaty in a backroom in Hotshot. I’m not complaining – just pointing it out. While he is busy lying there with a fever, one of the Hotshot oldtimers tells the story of Mama Ghost and Papa Ghost – humans who were turned into Werepanthers. They are the start of the Were community and this is what they want Jason to be – the new Papa. Since the turning seems to be working, or he is just dying from an infection, Crystal takes a moment, while Jason is passed out, to start the baby making process. When he wakes up, Jason is a less than impressed. Of course he is in for a real treat – all the ladies of Hotshot have formed a line at the door. Their community needs new blood, and they are all going to help themselves to it. Somehow, I think when Jason previously imagined sleeping with a dozen women at once (you know he has….) this was not how he imagined it would go. Meanwhile, Andy is missing Jason something fierce because without Jason, no one is there to keep his V habit in control. And it is getting bad. When Sam tries to have a nice conversation with him, it quickly deteriorates to Andy pulling a gun on him. This is going to go south quick.

A fry cook, a cage fighter and a brujo walk into a vampire bar…..

After Eric left the coven’s circle, the witches were left to deal with the aftermath. Tara was annoyed she was dealing with vamps again. A lot of the coven want revenge, led by Marnie. But Lafayette is trying to make clear to all of them that Eric is not to be messed with. He is an extremely powerful 1000 year old vampire who could tear them all up. Marnie said she doesn’t know what she did to make Eric leave. I wonder if that is the truth. Although later, her desperation to be taken over by the young witch who flashed across her face during the spell makes me feel maybe Marnie isn’t as all-knowing as I believe. She doesn’t make contact with the other spirit again, at least she doesn’t think so. After slicing herself with a knife as a sacrifice, the spirit appears in the mirror. It’s creepy. Though not as creepy as the doll…. Meanwhile, Lafayette tells Tara and Jesus he wants to go apologize to Eric and beg forgiveness. They think that is a very very bad idea. Tara asks Sookie to talk to Eric, which she agrees to, knowing it won’t matter right now anyway since he doesn’t even know who Lafayette is. Lafayette slips pass Tara and Jesus and heads to Fangtasia. The two follow not far behind and when they get to the bar, they find Pam threatening Lafayette. Tara takes out a gun wth wooden bullets and threatens Pam. They make a sort of deal – Pam won’t kill them if they bring her Marnie. And the most shaky alliance ever is born….

Hopefully Not Related

So, as I mentioned last week, in the book series, the Comptons and the Bellefleurs are related. I’m hoping this does not end up being part of the show because last night Bill and Portia took their relationship to the next level. Bill, after leaving another message for a missing Eric, was having dinner with Portia and she came up with a very well-thought out idea that they ought to be having sex. He tells her he can never love because he is too old – or does he just still love Sookie? She is cool with that though and they head back to his house (palace?) and have sex. At which point I keep freaking out thinking: THEY’RE RELATED! Listen, I’m perfectly good with the fact that Alan Ball has changed the show up so much from the book, in fact I appreciate it most of the time, but this just keeps creeping me out…..

Tommy and the gas man

Tommy has been playing sweet and innocent with Maxine Fortenberry. She’s been teaching him to read while watching the Home Shopping Network and teaching him the importance of buying up Marie Osmond dolls. But Tommy isn’t he sweet boy he appears, as we know, so it is hard to be surprised that he is so happy to meet the man who comes to the door – a prospector who believes that the Fortenberry house is sitting on a natural gas line. He wants to pay big bucks for the use of the land. So Tommy takes it to Sam, hoping they can continue their new brotherly bond by buying the house from under Maxine at a lowball price and then get the money for the gas. As you can guess, Sam says no. Tommy is less than thrilled. Poor Sam dealing with this after he just had a nice moment flirting it up with Tara during a tequila shot filled reunion.

Surprise Reunions and Goodbyes

When Sookie found Eric along the road, he was very happy to see her because she smells so very very good. Sookie was less than thrilled because now she is dealing with a baby Eric. She agrees to take him home with her, if he agrees not to bite her. When they get back to the house, he acts like her can’t come in because she hasn’t invited her. She is so excited to have the house back as hers. But, when she calls Pam to let her know what’s wrong with Eric, Pam tells Eric the house is his. Those five minutes were nice while they lasted. Pam says she thinks Bill set Eric up (I get why this is a possible storyline, but Bill TOLD Eric what the witches could do…. I’m not thrilled with this idea. Plus Bill seemed to honestly be expecting Eric to pick up his phone) so she wants Sookie to keep him. She agrees, reluctantly. But only after Eric shoves Pam for being mean to Sookie. I love protective Eric. Sookie sets Eric up in the hidey-hole and his fangs pop out because, even if he isn’t old Eric, he still wants Sookie. The next day she goes off trying to find someplace else to hide him. Her first stop: Alcide’s house. He lives in Shreveport now working on a housing complex. But before Alcide and Sookie can get to the details, in walks Debbie Pelt. She is recovering from that pesky drug habit and really sorry for trying to kill Sookie. Sookie gets the heck out of there, and Alcide follows apologizing for not telling Sookie about Debbie. He says he will put Eric in one of the empty houses, but Sookie says not to worry about it (he’s still going to worry) and leaves. Now, Alcide may be with Debbie, but based on how he was looking at Sookie, his heart may not be in it fully. When Sookie gets home, she finds the hidey hole is empty. Instead of looking for Eric, she reads a Charlaine Harris novel (ha!) until she sees a bright flash outside. It is Claudine, her fairy godmother. Claudie wants Sookie to come back to Faerie with her, but Sookie says no way. Before Claudince can argue, Eric comes out of nowhere and grabs Claudine and proceeds to suck her dry. Literally. She turns to dust. Sookie exclaims, “You killed my fairy godmother!” To which Eric sheepishly grins and says, “Sorry.” Huh.

For the book readers:

Sooooo….. That happened. Like I said before, I’m not one to get upset over the changes between the book and the show, but Claudine dies??? Now?? I’m not sure how I feel about that. Mostly because I adored Claudine in the next several books. However, I’ve trusted Alan Ball thus far and rarely been disappointed, so I’m willing to see where he is taking that. One other thing: if what happens with Debbie Pelt in book 4 does not happen in this season, I will probably be disappointed.

I really enjoyed the episode. I think it actually did every character justice.They all had, and this seems funny to say on such a supernatural show, human moments. And they are playing amnesia Eric just right – innocent, but still with a bit of naughty. And man, is this Eric funny.

Next week: complete and utter madness, if the previews are to be believed.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter: @serrae

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