Ryan Kwanten plays the adorkably dumb Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, but it turns out he has to act quite a bit to be that dumb. Kwanteen told People:

“I pride myself on my half-sentences, that’s how I get by. It’s always, dot-dot-dot after everything that I say, it just makes things easier. I’ve always loved the notion that stupidity won’t kill you, it will just make you sweat. So, I think that Jason lives in this perpetual state of sweating.”

Kwanten also spoke out to say that he doesn’t think Jason would be keen on becoming a vampire at any point, and that when it comes to people to base Jason off of, he has a few models. But George Bush? He’s not saying that.

“There are a few models for Jason, and I like to keep them to myself,” he said. “I think everyone that watches the show knows someone that is a facet of Jason’s personality. If people want to read George Bush into him, I think that’s fine.”