Anna-Paquin-Deborah-Ann-Woll-true-blood-season-3-Who am I to judge the entire nation for having Vampire fever? After all, I still am a truly devoted Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. One thing is for sure, however – I loathe Twilight. Not only is Twilight sexist but it’s insulting to everyone’s intelligence. I read the first book (way before there were movies and I knew to avoid it)  and found it so dumb that I’d rank it ridiculously far below the Harry Potter books in terms of readability. While Twilight is aimed for teens and Harry Potter was aimed for kids (but is loved by all ages) I think kids are too smart to like this Twilight junk. RAISE THEM RIGHT, RAISE THEM ON ANYTHING BUT TWILIGHT!

Anyway. I  have watched some of True Blood before, hell – I even reviewed a couple episodes. But then I kind of fell out of sync with the show. So, what better time to re-embrace the series as it kicks off this summer? This is the PERFECT kind of show for summer. I like the idea of kicking off some flip flops, eating a smore and blasting a fan in my face as I watch True Blood. I wish I lived in the South. Sigh.

Oh – here’s pictures of True Blood Season 3 that HBO released: