Valentina Cervi has taken up the role of Salome Agrippa for True Blood season 5.

The character of Salome is very old, and she’s a member of The Authority. Smart and sexy, she’s full of mystery. In fact, she’s right out of the Bible. Salome is known in the Bible for her dance of the seven veils.

After she pleased her stepfather with a dance, she was able to ask for any favor. Her Mother told Salome to ask for the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter.

On True Blood, Salome sponsored Nora coming into the Authority. She had discovered (through Godric) that Nora and Eric were related.

We also know that Salome and Roman have a sexual relationship. She definitely has his ear. She’s initiated a similar relationship with both Bill and Eric.

We know she’ll be in most season 5 episodes, but will she survive the season?

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