Okay, I know it’s the 4th of July (*waves flags*) but I’m not going to pretend I took time out of the festivities to plop on a couch and catch up with this weeks episode of True Blood. In “Smells Like Dinner” we had witches, amnesia, and a surprise cubby. And please remember, not everyone has read the books so try to limit commenting with major confirmed spoilers.

True Blood Review Questions for Season 4 episode 2:

  1. You’ll have to excuse my forgetful nature about shapeshifters (my brain has shifted away, aaah) but, if I have this right…Sam and his “anger management group” are all shifters, but the one girl (who is so important I forgot her name) has also shifted into another person – her Mom? Other shifters can’t become other people, correct? This makes her unique and dangerous? …Sounds like Sam’s type!
  2. And I want to talk more about that shifter… I know she seems innocent, but A) do you think she really is? and B) do you think she maybe got extra shifting power when her Mother died in childbirth?
  3. We know True Blood likes to show lots of sex and nudity, but do you think this episode was higher than usual in the amount of au natural that we saw?
  4. Eric! How does a possible necromancer controlling the dead end up result in Eric having amnesia? Methinks it has something to do with whoever Marni became during her spell. But what’s the point in Eric losing his memories, anyway? Who does it benefit? (Normally I’d say “follow the money” but that doesn’t seem to be the issue here.)
  5. Poor Queen! Did anyone think she was still alive? I had hoped she was. I loved that character. Does this mean we get a new queen? Can I be queen? I look great in a tiara.
  6. Why did Tara lie to her girlfriend about where she was going? Just air your crazy, girl!
  7. Do you think Jessica drinking blood from other men is enough to say she’s cheating on Hoyt? I think any exchange of bodily fluids is enough to get upset about, for sure.
  8. Didn’t Crystal seem a little more normal last season? And I mean “normal” for a werepanther. Suddenly her stubborn family loyalty has resulted in Jason’s misfortune. I bet that’s ONE episode of Maury Povich they’ve never thought to do – “Help, my girlfriend wants to procreate her family line of panthers so she’s kidnapped me and bit at me with her ex-boyfriend!” Maybe it’s kinky for panthers?
  9. Will Jason become a werepanther, now? Geez. Talk about a lifelong commitment. I can’t even pick a shade of eyeshadow to wear without an inner struggle about the implications of each decision. (Because it affects your clothing choices later in the day if you change, dammit!)
  10. Did the baby do anything to Arlene’s eye? Or was that just bad timing? It was definitely creepy. And there have been plenty of magical babies on TV, so we can’t act like plots like that don’t happen.

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