It only ever officially feels like summer for me once I’ve gotten my first True Blood fix.  And the pacifer’s that are posters and teaser trailers and cast interview’s don’t count. It has to be a fully episode of immersion. And on Sunday night fans finally got a new look at Bon Temps. A lot had changed. Hopefully you’ve read our True Blood Recap for the episode “She’s Not There” and you’re reading to expand your thinking on some of the questions the episode brought to life (this is not an attempt at a pun, I promise.)

True Blood Review Questions for True Blood Season 4 Episode 1 “She’s Not There”

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  • The fairy, Claudine, seemed so genuine and sweet. She even had some hesitation during the moment of panic. Do you think there’s some chance that Sookie’s fairy God mother is actually going to be an ally?
  • So, plenty of other fairy folk have been trapped in the same place as Sookie, but she’s the only one who can be there for a few minutes and realize it’s all a trap? Does this mean she’s smarter than the average fairy? Is she not just special for a human, but a special sort of fairy?

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  • Am I wrong, or did it seem like the male fairies wanted to help the humans, and it was mostly the female fairies who didn’t?
  • Jessica and Hoyt seem to be past the honeymoon stage of their relationship. Will they be together by the end or the season?
  • Granddaddy Earl died when he came back with Sookie, presumably because he ate that dreaded light fruit. But I’m curious, does that mean that if he hadn’t eaten the fruit that when he returned he would have not aged at all, or would he still have aged? I suppose it might not matter, just that it seemed like he was doomed with or without the fruit.
  • Why was the witch, Marie, so pleased when they brought her dead bird back to life, only for it to die again? Is she power hungry and thinks this is a good sign of things to come?
  • Why did the people in HotShot decide to lock Jason in a freezer?! That seems kind of counterproductive, when Jason was helping them out so much.
  • Will there be many werewolves around, or did they mostly play out last season? (Aside from Alcide, whom I expect to see soon.)
  • Fess Up: Did you like this episode? Why or why not?

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