There’s just the True Blood season 4 finale left! What review questions do you have from “Soul of Fire”? My three main questions involve Sookie, the Faerie Morella, and Lafayette.

Q: When Sookie started to hear Jason outside of the Moonshadow Emporium, why didn’t she break her hands or yell for everyone to stop chanting the spell? It was only after hearing him again that she – didn’t consciously do anything, but her faerie magic kicked in! It all worked out in the end, sure. But I don’t know why she stayed silent.

Q: Why did the faerie want to make love with Andy? There are a few options. She was rebelling and would have made love with a hedgehog. She needed to get a human’s promise. Or she truly did think Andy was something special.

Q: Although Lafayette hasn’t had tons of time on his hands, if you learned you were a medium isn’t the first thing you’d do is then learn how to protect yourself from being a host? I’d learn to expel unwanted ghosts! That would solve a lot of his problems.

This has been a segment of our review questions for True Blood Season 4 Episode 11 aka true blood s04e11

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