I have a bad habit when it comes to TV shows. Well, I should say not just any old TV show, but shows that become “my shows.” That is, shows I become obsessed with. I fall in love with the show in the first season and then I end up judging all other seasons based on how much I loved the first and that’s not fair. I did it with Buffy and now of course I’m doing it with True Blood.

So far this season, five, is just missing something for me. What I really loved about the first season of True Blood was that there was a real mystery going on; who’s killing the fangbangers? We had other little storylines here and there but they all, in some way, connected to the main plot. And I really liked that Bon Temps, for the most part, was where the action was. The town itself seemed part of the story and I dug it. But now we’re just going off in all directions, a million things are going on, everybody seems different, and I just want my old True Blood black!

Anyway. With said, I’ll get on to what I really liked in In The Beginning:

  1. Much like Sookie I want—nay, I NEED—to see these vamps drunk (possibly high?) more often! Okay, it’s not safe to run around killing bar-fulls of people, but I like seeing vampires being naughty. I thought it was fantastic that Bill, the good little vamp that is he, was just sucking away at some poor girl’s chest area. I loved him scaring the cab driver and high-fiving random people and of course, that piggyback ride! Bill is standing on the hood of the cab and Eric just backs up to him and pretty much motions him to get on. Love that slashy goodness! Can’t these two just slip away to Europe somewhere and go on a partying and eating spree and just have some good old fashioned vampire fun?? This whole scene made the episode for me.
  2. Pam and Tara’s hug.
  3. Flashback of Maryann!
  4. Now for what I didn’t like:
  5. Hoyt joining that awful hate group. That’s just not like him and he’s so lying about hating Jess. He’s still hurt, believe you me I get that and can’t fault the guy for it, but he definitely still loves her. These guys are just a-holes and what is with the Obama masks??
  6. The fact that Terry’s smoke monster story is just dragging on for no real purpose. I’d like to see Arlene have her own story arc instead of Terry, to tell you the truth. She and Holly out and about and getting up to something would be awesome.
  7. Bud Dearborne, whom I always really liked, being rude to Andy. Andy needed help and the ex-sheriff should have been flattered. This really rubbed me the wrong way for some reason.
  8. Pam’s hair! WTF? Basically Pam can do no wrong in my eyes, especially when it comes to fashion, but seriously? And I actually think some crimped hair can be cute. But it was all wrong, wrong, wrong on her! And while I’m putting the mark of “wrong” on things, I also felt uncomfortable with Tara dancing. Rutina Wesley has an amazing body and the outfit was cool (except for the collar, which I didn’t like) but I just want more for Tara. I don’t want her to be just a vamp dancing at a club. And what her mother did was totally uncalled for. Tara was clearly hurt. Boo to Lettie Mae!
  9. The burn victim vamp, or whatever he is. What did I miss here because I don’t know why he looks like that? And what he looks like is a goat.
  10. I’m not sure what’s going to come of all this Lilith business but even though I loved Bill being bad, I’m sure he’s eventually, if not right away, going to get mopey and guilt-ridden.


Written by Brittany Feazell

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