Last night True Blood gave us plenty of answers that leaves us with one large question now – ahem – do you like the answers? I’ll admit there was a certain amount of “ker-blink”ing when the reveal to what Sookie is, was that she’s a fairy. I was certain it would be something far more mythological that I wouldn’t know much about until I googled. As it stands, I know plenty about fairies since I grew up being a fairy princess for Halloween every year. As Sookie put it, “I’m a fairy? How f–king lame.” Indeed.

We thought Sam had gone to the darkside last week, but in two flashback moments we were clued in that Sam has gone way, way darker. Killing two people, darker. And speaking of dark – he used to have dark hair! (Not a good look for him.)

I find myself very interested in the Layfayette and Jesus storyline, although we still don’t have enough substantial information to figure out what’s going on there.

Speaking of characters I’m loving more and more, let’s give a big shout-out to Jessica and Tara. I wasn’t especially fond of either a while back, and they’ve become two of my favorites. Both are strong women, willing to speak their minds.

Jessica is worthy of Hoyt simply because she doesn’t think she is (it proves how generous of spirit she is, blah blah.) Tara is a stack of smarts when lined up against her best friend Sookie. Until Bill apologizes to Tara (yea, I know he’s preoccupied, who cares) I’m going to be hating on him. I doubt he thought he was doing Tara a favor in not trying to help her – he was trying to keep himself safe.

I thought for sure Arlene would blacklist Holly after learning she’s a Wiccan – but she seems desperate enough to seek out her help. I’m still a fan of Holly’s. Although, things don’t look good for Terry if Holly can help Arlene get rid of the baby. He was so supportive about the it’s-not-his-baby thing. I believe Arlene never wanted this baby, and she was maybe hoping that Terry would be so mad he’d insist she get rid of it. But that’s not the kind of man he is. So now, realizing she has to make the hard decision for herself, Arlene is scared shitless.

To jump back to Hoyt and Jessica – I really love their relationship. It seems like everyone believes that Tommy raced after Hoyt to attack him just out of spite. And because he raced off out the side (back?) door and did so much damage, it’s very possible. Tommy wants to be valued, and he has a crush on Jessica. Plus, violence is the main way he knows how to act. But I also felt like maybe Tommy was helping Jessica. I think Tommy injured Hoyt so badly so Jessica would have to face her feelings and give Hoyt her blood – and it’d bring them closer. We saw Tommy in the bushes, and in the dark I thought I saw him smiling sadly as though he’d helped in the way he wanted. But maybe he was just pissed and mad that he’d now lost the girl he liked. I’m very confused! Do you think Tommy just let his anger get the better of him, or is it possible he had a plan? (I know, that boy with an actual plan is really stretching it…)

In other news, Sookie and Eric are hot. I’ve all but forgotten about Alcide, and I’m pretty tired of the werewolves anyway. Which means I was overjoyed that Crystal was a PANTHER, and not a werewolf. That was awesome.

Even thought Jason is kind of a screw-up sometimes, I am really annoyed at how Bill keeps acting like he has to tell Jason what to do and how to do it. Jason is Sookie’s sister, dammit. Bill might be smart, but he can’t act like Jason is just a pawn.

And to reference a character I haven’t thus far, the best quote of the night went to Pam with, “Blah blah vampire emergency blah.”