You’ve gotta quench your True Blood thirst somehow, right? We won’t blame you for taking just a tiny taste.

To prep for Sunday’s True Blood episode, we have three teaser promo’s for you. Spoiler’s abound! One shows Sophie-Anne locked in a cage with Eric threatening to hurt her human. The second clip shows Summer forwardly coming onto Hoyt, and a very humorous use of “taste my biscuits.”And in the third clip, you get the wonderful Sam Merlotte!

Although calling someone a “stand-up guy” is such a cliche it’s practically meaningless, Sam is exactly the kind of person you’d use such a phrase for. He’s too often the overlooked, underdog of True Blood.

The three promos for True Blood “Hitting the Ground” are under the cut.

Eric and Sophie-Ann

Hoyt and Summer


True Blood airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.