True Blood last night gave us some true death. And then, of course, some not so true deaths.

Tara and Jason were cussin' in "Hitting the Ground"

Lorena is dead for sure, as she was casually offed before the opening credits rolled forth. Bye, bye, so long. And she left her messy death all over Bill. Blood everywhere, Sookie kept on with their plan to leave with Bill in tow. Debbie came back for some V, and was none too pleased with the situation going on in the barn. We learned that one of the reasons she’d broken up with Alcide was because he wouldn’t give her a baby. Aw, poor skanky Debbie. Feel any empathy for her after that reveal? Yea, me neither. She also promised to hunt down Alcide, so we know she’ll be back. (Like the Terminator, but in clothes from Forever 21.)

On the road, Sookie in a van with Bill isn’t safe because she lures him to drink from her arm (some girls really just give too much of themselves in a relationship) – and he goes crazy and can’t stop (he was binging!) When Tara opens the van to see Sookie looking dead, she shoves Bill into the light (leaving him for certain death) they rush Sookie to the Hospital.

The entire time I kept thinking how I admired Tara for being smart, wanting to get out of there. And even though it was a cruel move, leaving Bill in the sun (to die) seemed fitting. Especially considering he left Tara to die in that house. Is it any wonder Tara is pissed at him?

Interesting stuff happened at the hospital, where we learned that Sookie has no blood type, even though Jason does. Jason mentions that Sookie’s never even really gotten sick. In a coma, she had a ridiculous dream that reminded me of those Charmed episodes about the nymphs, and is told not to let Bill take her light (and that the water didn’t kill her parents.) Bill, who wasn’t  dead (Sookie’s blood seems to have kept him alive in the sun) shows up to give her his blood.

While we don’t know the secret of Sookies blood, Hadley whispered it to Eric. So now the show will dangle that over us in an annoying, drawn-out way. Great.

Sam had a busy episode. He went after his brother, infiltrating the dog fighting circuit to save Tommy. He told Jolie off, stating “You’re just a scared man in saggy underpants, with no discernible life-skills whatsoever.” But you know we haven’t seen the end of that storyline yet.

Here’s a tally of the situations that could have resulted in death, and how they panned out:

Bill left in the sun: not dead
Sookie in a coma: not dead
Lorena in the barn: dead
Cooter in then barn: dead
Pam at Fangtasia: not dead
Magister at Fangtasia: dead
Tommy at the dog fight: not dead
Debbie in the barn: not dead

5 not dead / 3 dead (Barn’s are not a safe place to be on this show, FYI.)

So what did you think? Are you sad Lorena is gone? Do you think Sam and Tommy will get along? Will Sookie have more weird dreams?