For this True Blood season 4 review of “Burning Down the House” I’ve isolated the very best parts of this episode and recapped them below. Highlights include Fort Bellefleur and Tommy’s tragic death scene. Sigh.

  • Much like a human (though she’s finally feeling enough like a vampire to dissociate from humans fully) Jessica comfort eats. After Jason acted like a jerk she pronounced, “I’m gonna go find somebody to eat.”
  • The Eric and Sookie reunion scene was subtly steamy. The tension was …intense! It felt like Sookie was bashful and almost embarrassed around this new version (technically the old version) of Eric.
  • Tommy’s death scene was amazing and so sad, which is interesting since Tommy was not a very sympathetic character. In the back of my mind I kept wondering if he was maybe just faking his death to get away clean. But no. This was a real death. When he told Sam, “You were the best part of my life” it was damn near heartbreaking.

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  • Terry and Arlene confiscated Andy’s V and this entire storyline went from funny to serious – and I loved it all. I especially loved the quote, “There’s a safety cap…I think!” Oh, Andy. Fort Bellefleur aka the treehouse was a very nice touch. I really wish I had one. This also brought about another great quote by Andy – “You lived up there like you was some insane squirrel!” On a serious note, the backstory between these two was revealed was just great.
  • Jason Quote: “…passed out and started farting – continuously!”
  • “True death for you too, Northman!”
  • The ending scene of four badass vampires, all in black, walking in slow motion was just killer. Eric, Pam, Jessica and Bill. They make quite a team. No, a UNIT. A unit of badassery. Yea.

Did I miss one of your favorite parts? Let me know in the comments.

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