You know what I love about vampire shows?  I mean, besides hot vampires?  Flashbacks!

true blood ericI always loved when we were treated to them on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and does anyone remember the vampire-cop show from the 90s, Forever Knight?  There were flashbacks in just about every single episode.  That’s the brilliant thing about having vampires as characters; chances are they’re pretty old and they’ve done a lot of stuff.  So every now and again we get to revisit the past and see our favorite creatures of the night when they were still creatures of the day.  To sum up: I loved the Pam and Eric flashback!  And wasn’t Pam’s outfit pretty much fabulous?  Who do I see about getting those kinds of clothes back in style?  For those scenes alone I give this episode two thumbs up.

I’ve been looking forward to the character of Roman because I kind of love Christopher Meloni but he seems like he’s going to be a, well, big meanie basically.  Don’t get me wrong I like mean, tough vampires, but a sense of humor is a must and dear Roman just might be lacking.  He takes this whole ‘authority’ thing veeeeery seriously.  And as to that, I like the idea of organized vampires, that there’s a sense of code and community and rules and whatnot but part of me just wants them to be able to do whatever the heck they want because, come on, they’re vampires!  I think it may have been easier to stay in the coffin. . . .

Long before True Blood ever graced our screens, or Buffy, or even Forever Knight (Seriously, you should look up this awesome show!  Netflix doesn’t currently have it but it’s worth searching around for.) I was a fan of the vampire.  So imagine my happy dance (actually don’t because it’s pretty awkward) when it was revealed that Lilith is the basis for our vamps’ mythology.  For those of you not up on your vampire folklore, Lilith was believed to be the first wife of Adam.  But being of exceptionally strong will her ideas clashed with those of her husband’s and she left the Garden of Eden for the wilds of the unprotected new world.  There she mated with demons and BAM that’s where little vampires come from.  Of course the show tweaked her a bit, but hey, can’t deny anyone creative license, can I?  I’m just uber pleased to see that someone was paying attention in mythology class.

What I really didn’t like about the Authority were their methods.  UV lighting acting the same as sunlight?  Oh I don’t think so.  Machines that inject liquid silver directly into a vampire’s bloodstream?  Where are they getting all this silver anyway?  I rolled my eyes a lot.

I’m already bored with Terry’s storyline.

And show of hands from everyone who knew Tara was going to be insanely angry at Sookie and Lafayette.  What I don’t get is why she is so feral?  Shouldn’t her injury have magically healed?  Or is she literally missing brain matter even though her actual wounds have mended?  When Jessica was turned, she was a bit out of sorts at first, sure, but nothing like Tara.  Seems like it’s just a ploy for drama.

I’m over Sam and Luna.  I want Sam to be hanging out with Sookie and the gang and not off doing his own thing.  Luna, like Tara, needs to chill out.  Oh and I like Martha!

Is anyone else really looking forward to seeing Hoyt in eyeliner?  Sunday never comes soon enough!

Written by Brittany Feazell

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