Which came first, True Blood or porn? Well, porn. But if you have to look at current TV shows to see is the most scandalous, and full of the most nudity you’d have to bypass reality shows The Girls Next Door (which is set at the Playboy mansion, home to plenty of nudity) and skip straight on over to this HBO series that’s as addictive as it is naughty.

In a piece written by Brian Donovan for True/Slant, the question of True Blood vs. Porn is asked. Specifically what’s,  “The difference between ‘True Blood’ and pornography?” if there is any. While Donovan doesn’t question the entertainment value of the show, he wonders if there can be much quality left in it at the end of the day. We think it’s a valid point to discuss. Sometimes watching the show makes us feel like we’re getting away with something – because this isn’t what a serious TV program (vs. reality TV fluff)  is supposed to feel like.

….True Blood is a very popular program. Big with the dudes, big with the ladies, it’s a hit. Sometimes even it gets nominated for awards. But, let’s be honest, True Blood is humping with the occasional dash of dialogue thrown in. You take “doing it” out of the show’s breakdown every week and you got a 20 minute program. – Donovan

A list is provided that breaks down True Blood vs. Porn, and here’s one of our favorite’s:

#4: Pornography has some scenes without sex in them. Still waiting on one from True Blood. Maybe if Sookie went to the DMV? Or did her taxes

A True Blood Parody (NSFW due to language):