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I was inspired by hearing Steve Tyrell singing “New York is Where I Live” (which is a song that is in Did You Hear About the Morgans. There isn’t a soundtrack but you can listen to some of the songs here.). Yes I saw this on a TV show this morning. No, I don’t want to admit that it was that Kathy Lee and Hoda show. …Ahem. ANYWAY. You might think that you can’t travel America in one day. But you’d be wrong. With the power of the Internet we can go anywhere. If you just know where to go. Just like the Winchester boys (Supernatural).

Because you know the originals, all of these are cover songs. It’s just more fun that way, dontcha think? Oh, and these are not necessarily in the order you’d travel.

Visiting “Chicago” with Sufjan Stevens

Going to “Sweet Home Alabama” with Lynard Skynard

Traveling through a “Big River” in Louisiana with Johnny Cash

Spending some time in “Arizona” with Kings of Leon

Going “Back to California” with Sugarcult

Getting “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” in New York with the Beastie Boys

“Walking in Memphis” Tennessee with Marc Cohn

“Waking up in Vegas” Nevada with Katy Perry

Seeing some “Kentucky Rain” with Elvis

Catching that “Midnight Train to Georgia” with Gladys Knight and the Pips

Veronica Mars fans will surely recognize “Dakota” by The Stereophonics

Bon Jovi helps us meet a “Jersey Girl” with Tom Waits

Back on over to the “Big River” in Louisiana because I really love this cover, too.