Great things come to those who spend mindless hours on Netflix, waiting to find that one great movie or show to redeem the wasted time. I redeemed myself with Trailer Park Boys.

the trailer park boysWhile not initially sold on the show by the title, Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary that I enjoy the way I enjoy Parks and Recreation (while eating breakfast foods, late at night.) The show is streaming on Netflix Instant Watch right now, so give it a try. It seems classier than you’d think, becuase everyone has Canadian accents.

Some Trailer Park Boys Quotes:

Randy: I’m making Mr. Lahey some comfort food. I picked these buttercups and froze them in ice cubes, I saw it on “Designer Guys”… great show!

Julian: You’re not prostituting yourself for cheeseburgers again, are ya Randy?
Randy: Man’s gotta eat, Julian.

Ricky: (To Lucy after being stung by a bee): Do you have any suave?
Lucy: Salve?

Some of the most fun on the show is the malapropisms said by the character of Ricky. Some examples:

“Worst case Ontario…” (scenario)

“Hey Bubs are you watching that documentary on Saskatchewans?” (Sasquatches)*

“Its basically Peach ‘n Cake” (a Piece of Cake)

“Denial and Error…” (trial)

“That’s not a ladybug. It’s a cannerpillar. (caterpillar)

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