This episode? All about Brie Bella. (For me, at least.)

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Photo: E!

Total Divas Recap

It’s time for me to admit, once again, that I am still on this Total Divas bandwagon. I don’t LIKE wrestling. I don’t WATCH wrestling. But I totally watch this E! show, all the time. AH, WELL.

Let’s talk about The Bella Twinsies. (Twins, whatever.) This episode managed to have me like (and relate to) Brie Bella more than ever, and dislike (and not at all relate to) Nikki Bella.  So, we have Nikki all selfish and immature and generally a generic and unlikable person… (that feels mean… see, it’s NOT ALWAYS to this extent – she was just very annoying this time) and then we have Brie. She wants EMU’S at her wedding, and that, right there, is reason enough to like her. I really, really enjoy how down-to-earth and sensible/sweet she seems. The only thing I can’t understand about her is how she’s so into wrestling. SHRUG.

Some big drama of the episode is how Nikki kept promising to tell John about her former marriage, and eventually just says she did it (meanwhile, not really having done it.) This sets up next week, when this explodes during Brie’s wedding. (Which, let’s just mention that LOUDLY: is exactly what Brie did not want to happen. Because, you know, it’s HER WEDDING.)

Speaking of the wedding, Brie got ballsy after an internal (and external) debate about whether to keep Summer Rae invited to the wedding. Rightly, she decided that she didn’t want Summer part of her intimate, big day. And then I zoned out, so Summer might have actually been re-invited for all I know. Eh!

The rest of this episode was about Wrestlemania stuff, where they were in New Orleans. Nattie talked about how much she works out, Eva talked about how it’s only been one year since she’s been doing this, and Trinity was wearing a badass eyepatch that should have made me laugh more than it did.

Next week, it’s the Total Divas Season Finale! Brie gets married to beardy! Yaaaay.