I received a copy of Torchwood: The Official Magazine Yearbook to review for you guys, as well as make four lucky readers (this means you!) winners of the book.

torchwood yearbook

Physically, the book is a hardcover with smooth interior pages that are splashed with the colors we’re used to seeing on the show (shadowy blacks, golden bits of light, hints of rusty copper). With 90 pages, the chapters include some titles like :

  • An Interview with John Barrowman
  • The Fashion Hub: Torchwood Costumes
  • Jack in Time: Captain Jack Timeline
  • Children of Earth: In their own words
  • An Interview with Eve Myles
  • The Creature from the 13th Floor: Children of the Earth Set Visit
  • The Book of Jahi by David Llewellyn (part one, two, and three)

As someone who has never even visited Europe (alas!) I especially like the chapter about the Torchwood locations (Location, Location, Location: Explore Key locations on Torchwood) in Cardiff and South Wales. There’s a place called “Mermaid Quay”! The Barry Docks also seem like a nice enough place, as long as Suzie isn’t trying to kill you!

The included interviews are amazing because the people are amazing. Eve Myles isn’t difficult to love when she answers interview questions like “What makes you happy?” by saying, “The sun and sea and fish and chips.” Me too, me too!

In Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: Love and Romance in Torchwood, the six hottest TW kisses are ranked. I won’t give away the list, but I’ll say that a certain Captain John IS on the list!

I was probably the least interested in the chapter The Fall Guy about Curtis Rivers who is the main stunt guy on the show. He’s talented for sure, and actually very handsome. I’m just not really interested in stunts. That’s probably because they scare me (I’m afraid of falling down my own stairs), and I pretend that everything is totally CGI’d. Shh.

There is a quiz to see which member of the Torchwood crew you’d be, and I am kind of tied between being Ianto and Toshiko. No surprise there, they both have fears of not being good enough or not being in control!

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