In honor of Raising Hope season 1 being released on DVD, let’s take a look at some unique celebrity baby names. After all, Hope’s original name was Princess Beyonce. And fun as that name is, you can see why they changed it. (Can’t you?!)

Top Ten Unique Baby Names for the Celebrity Baby Bunch

Moxie CrimeFighter

Comedian Penn Jillette named his daughter after the beverage Moxie, and CrimeFighter is derived from a line from one of his books. The legacy will live on!

Moon Unit

With siblings, Dweezil, Ahmet and Diva, you better believe that father Frank Zappa had otherworldly expectations for his daughter. The name means “one that orbits the moon”.

Pilot Inspektor

Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf were inspired by the Grandaddy single, “He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s The Pilot” so they named their kid after the song.

Fifi Trixibelle

Paula Yates and Bob Geldof named their daughter after Bob’s aunt Fifi and Paula wanted a “belle” in the family. So Fifi Trixibelle was born. Her siblings, Little Pixie, Peaches Honeyblossom and Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily all have just as unique celebrity baby names.


An heir to the Jackson kingdom, Jermaine’s youngest son will certainly be held in illustrious pop culture regard. Or else!

Sage Moonblood

Sylvester Stallone gave his son this name that alludes to and mystical forces and wisdom, and must have fueled Sage’s creative side as he is an actor, producer, writer and director.

Jazz Domino

She’s the daughter of The Clash front man, Joe Strummer, Jazz is a proud feminist who loves crafting and was recently featured in Bust Magazine.

Petal Blossom Rainbow

Jamie Oliver and Jools named their first two daughters Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo. So, Petal fits in with the floral theme; Blossom is “fresh”, while Rainbow is truly a “symbol of hope”.


Gweyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin decided to name their daughter after a fruit because of the inherent sweetness, cleanliness and the lovely images the word conjures up in their minds. Would you name your daughter after a fruit?

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The Emmy nominated Raising Hope stars Martha Plimpton, Lucas Neff, Cloris Leachman