Danielle from "More to Love" on FOX

Danielle from "More to Love" on FOX

Luke took the “More to Love” girls to the prom. His college friends showed up and were charged with the deed of picking the Prom Queen. Inexplicably, they picked Danielle. She won a solo date because of winning Prom Queen and proceeded to have the most horrible trainwreck of a solo date I have ever seen on a reality TV dating show.

In other news, Crazy Kristian was still slathering her lovey-dovey-outhouse-rat-crazy mouth diarrhea all over Luke and she is starting to scare the other girls. Lock your doors at night, girls. Lock your doors.

The eliminated girls were Bonnie, Amanda, Danielle and Christina. Amanda had the audacity to be shocked that she would lose a man to girls who aren’t as pretty and are way bigger than she is. Because Amanda has a big ego to go with her big dress size.

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