Tom Cruise showed up to the Tonight Show ready to talk about anything and everything. Jay Leno asked about the MTV Movie Awards (where Tom danced with Jennifer Lopez, as Les Grossman), his family, and his new movie Knight & Day.

Cruise was all smiles, clearly in an element he enjoys. Leno mentioned, “Not audience reaction” to the applause. This does feel like the “Cruise comeback” tour. Charming and handsome, he made it hard to remember that he used to jump on furniture, and still continues to practice a religion based on aliens. We’ll admit, it’s just getting harder to hold a grudge against him.

Tom Cruise – Part 1: Tom talks about his Les Grossman dance with Jennifer Lopez at the MTV Movie Awards.

Tom Cruise continued – Part 2: Tom Cruise talks family and new movie Knight and Day.

Tom Cruise does Donald Duck – Jay makes Tom Cruise do his Donald Duck impression.

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