Alicia Witt's TwitPic. Yes, she has been singing.

Alicia Witt's TwitPic. Yes, she has been singing. You can buy her self-titled EP on itunes.

Tom Cavanagh is the charming actor you might know from TNT’s TRUST ME, ED, LOVE MONKEY, or SCRUBS. Having gotten to speak with Cavanagh for an interview before, I can fully attest to him being hilarious even without a script. Cavanagh is now attached to the pilot EDGAR FLOATS, along with Alicia Witt (who earned my devoted love when she was in the movie URBAN LEGEND).

Witt has been in several movies from MR. HOLLANDS OPUS, TWO WEEKS NOTICE to THE UPSIDE OF ANGER. Her TV works include being Zoe in CYBIL, but also LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, THE MENTALIST and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

While I’m not drawn to the premise of EDGAR FLOATS right away (a psychologist who works as a bounty hunter at night) I’m open-minded about this show because of the caliber of people already attached.