Tobey Maguire visited with Ellen Degeneres recently. The interview was great, but my favorite part was Tobey sharing a video of a prank on his wife, Jennifer Meyer Maguire.

tobey maguire on ellen

Like all celebrities, they’ve given their kids slightly odd names: Ruby Sweetheart is their daughter, and their son is named Otis Tobias. Thankfully without the middle name, the names are cute. Tobey took advantage of the fact that he hadn’t confirmed how to spell “Otis” with his wife when he went to fill out the birth certificate.

“I got an extra form and filled it out and misspelled Otis. … We spell it Otis, but I spelled it Oatis on the form and brought it back to my wife and was acting very innocent. ‘Oh, I’m so excited! It’s official! Look,’ and I handed her the paper.” Check that out below!