A Tina Fey commercial has been found, and it’s from 1995. The date is all the explanation you need for the outfit and the hair. Ye Gods, at least there isn’t a scrunchie in the mix. But judge not, for we all make fashion mistakes and cater to horrific trends of the moment. Which is the same excuse you’ll be using about the popular cage heels, believe you me. (How are imprints of hard plastic squares into your sweaty feet anything but uncomfortable and gross?)

Tina Fey: Always making us laugh.

This commercial is for Mutual Savings Bank and if they’re still in business, they really should have rerun this commercial before – it’s Tina Fey for all that is holy!

It’s not a huge leap to assume that this is partly where she got her inspiration for acting in her 1-900-OK-Face 30 Rock skit.

Both videos are after the jump. We want to know: of them both, which video more entices you to make a call?

Mutual Savings Bank – “Hi!” – Featuring Tina Fey from Purple Onion Films on Vimeo.

Tina Fey in 1-900-OK-FACE