They clean up well, don't they?

They clean up well, don't they?

Tina Fey and Steve Carell were on Oprah today to promote their new movie Date Night. Tina Fey kissed a cardboard cutout of Oprah within the first minute! Yea, there was NO  way I wasn’t going to watch this Oprah episode.

Steve: We want to promote the movie, obviously.
Tina: And we want Oprah to be our best friend.

Steve: I think vajayjay is a contemporary artist…
Tina: Have you gone up to a DJ and asked for vajayjay?

I care what people wear – do you? If so, read this paragraph! Oprah was wearing a yellow cardigan and gray ruffled blouse – looking for J.Crew. Tina wore a black and white vertical striped shirt and gold earrings. Her hair was blown out and very sassy, gray eyeshadow, pink lipgloss and pink blush. Steve – not that anyone cares what guys wear – wore a blue blazer and all that normal boring guy stuff.

One of the things Fey and Carell did was pretend what people in the audience were saying. I love to do this. Tina went on to ask some questions to Oprah. She asked what Oprah would order if she could eat with anyone. Oprah would have Jesus over for fried chicken. Tina also wanted to know what was going on with Oprah and Jamie Foxx. “Because I feel he might be in love with you,”  Tina added. Steve wanted to know of Oprah, “Who let the dogs out?” She didn’t have an answer. It’s okay, that’s a hard question!

“People say you are the thinking man’s sex symbol.” – Oprah
“But even the thinking man wants Megan Fox or Jessica Simpson.” – Tina Fey
“I think she’s a sex symbol of the idiot man and the thinking man.” – Steve Carell

“I don’t sit and watch myself and go ‘damn, THAT IS HILARIOUS'”. – Steve Carell

“He (Carell) is a comic genius because he is one of the greatest improvisers in the world.” – Tina Fey