tina fey oscars 2010Tina Fey wore an unfortunate dress that made her look like a Lady Tarzan, but her bit with Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ for those in the know – and I pretend I’m one of those people) at the Oscars was refreshingly GOOD. RDJ had his own fashion issue, wearing a pair of oddball sunglasses. But who even cares what they WORE – they were funny presenters together. And it cemented my need to morph into Tina Fey someday. I believe technology isn’t too far from this. Fingers-crossed! But technology doesn’t seem to have anyone who put the video of the pair on youtube! BLERGH! …Oh, and now my keyboard tray is breaking? This day is cursed!

Fey and RDJ bantered about the trials of writers vs. the trials of actors as they presented the Oscar for BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY (winner:  Mark Boal for The Hurt Locker). Fey remarked that writer’s like actors who have a fear of ad-libbing and RDJ touted the importance of scripts with social relevance and warm weather locations.

Oh, and I DID find a link to the video of them presenting. Let’s hear it for the sickly little mole people. SAY WHATEVER WE TYPE. 😛 Their segment starts at 3:07. Video after the jump.