Tim Gunn is so refined and elegant that we forget that sometimes…he has to be blunt.

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Tim is VERY concerned.

The Best and Most Memorable Quotes from ‘Project Runway: Under the Gunn’ this week

Sometimes we all need a kick.

“I’m a little humbled to tell the truth. Because we’re really the group to beat. I think this is a really great opportunity for us to kick it up a notch and really start taking more risks.” – Mondo Guerra

Okaaaay, then.

“I have this mouthy Jewishness, but then I have the guilt, too.” – Jen Rade

Before the fun ended, huh?

“We were inspired by Pompeii before the destruction.” – Oscar

Best. Tim Gunn quote. Ever.

“When I saw your work last night, I’ll be blunt with everyone… It was a pile of hot sticky diapers. How did this happen? – Tim Gunn

Rachel Roy is a ball-buster, but she’s also got a soft side.

“With Shan, because I know his previous work , it’s quite hard to let him go, because we’ve ve seen great things out of him.” – Rachel Roy

Forget that his English isn’t perfect, this is inspiring.

“I just want to say all designers out there, this is worth it. This is worth it to be here. You have to be here. It’s not like, you see this programs and freak out, like oh no, I can’t go there. You can win this. This is incredible.” – Oscar

Again, forget the “sounding perfect” part and remember to believe this about yourself.

“We are the winner team.” – Oscar

Make this your ringtone.

“We believe.” – Tim Gunn


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