Turns out there will be no Celebrity Rehab for one woman who really didn’t qualify as a genuine celebrity in the first place… wait, so what’s the problem?

Yes we made this picture small on purpose – is this woman never wearing any clothing in ANY pictures?

Radar Online reports that Tila Tequila has removed herself from the program. There are no details from Tila’s camp, but the producers of Dr. Drew’s show are supposedly not happy.

It has been pointed out that Tila’s decision was made closely after photographs of her with cut marks on her arms were discovered. Tila had been on the TV show to work on a prescription pill problem (Ambien.) It would appear there is a fine line between a celebrity feeling okay in discussing a prescription pill problem in public vs. what was either some self-injury or what has been suggested to be a suicide attempt.

Tila posted on her twitter: “JANE TRIED TO KILL ME! I HAVE VIDEO EVIDENCE!” Jane is her alter-ego. A blog post was written, but is now deleted (yet remains screencapped on the Internet as proof). In this post Tila had written, “People don’t believe I have multiple personalities but this morning the last thing I remember was falling asleep cuz I was so tired. I blacked out and now that I just woke up from excruciating pains all over my body, there was blood and dope everywhere! She is evil!”

Within the past 30 minutes she has posted three links to the same new blog entry where she rambles about having no friends, god, and throws in some self-promotion.  One tweet said: “Here is my very personal blog. I’m nervous to say so much but my doctor’s said it will be good for me. Pls read: http://dlvr.it/2YbMt -RT.”

We may not be fans of Tila’s, but we wish her health and happiness in the future.