His speech was without emotion.

His speech was without emotion, is he a robot?

Tiger Woods gave a 14 minute statement/apology that left me feeling nothing for him. He confirmed that he’s been in rehab aka “in-patient therapy, receiving guidance for the issues I’m facing”. He said he’d be going back. Then he talked about spirituality, blah blah. Talk about trying to score points. “Oh, I’m religious now!”

“I do plan to return to golf one day. … Maybe this year.” Eye roll.

The thing that is most annoying is this excuse of being in rehab for sex addiction. Ask almost any psychologist and they’ll tell you that there is no such thing as a sex addiction. It’s a bad habit, but you can’t use the word “addiction” to make it sound less of a horrible personal choice and not something you were compelled to do.  Tiger Woods cheated, if he was a sex addict he could have had lots and lots of sexual relations with his wife. Him going outside of his marriage with more than one other woman indicates something else.

Wikipedia says “Sexologists have not reached any consensus regarding whether sexual addiction exists or, if it does, how to describe the phenomenon. Other experts believe that sexual addiction is actually a form of obsessive compulsive disorder and refer to it as sexual compulsivity. Still other experts believe that sex addiction is itself a myth, a by-product of cultural and other influences.”

I’m sure he’s at an actual facility, away from his family and out of the public eye. But he’s probably not doing much more than wearing fluffy robes and eating cereal, biding his time. Because the best way to break a bad habit? Just stop doing it for 30 days. So all he has to do is not have sex to be “cured”. There is no such thing as a rehab for sex, according to most respected sources. There is, however, very nice hotels you can hide out in for a while.