After spotting the beautiful Tiffani Thiessen on White Collar episodes, many viewers find themselves having flashbacks to a young brunette wearing the hottest 90’s trends and eating french fries in a restaurant with all of her friends. How did this star get from Saved by the Bell to White Collar? Take a look below at some memorable moments from Tiffani’s career from her years in high school to her time as a business owner.

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kelly kapowski

Kelly Kapowski- Saved by the Bell

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s remembers the students of Bayside High School. Tiffani blossomed in her role as Kelly Kapowski in Saved by the Bell. Young girls looked to Kelly as a fashion role model while young boys dreamed of being lucky enough to kiss the beautiful brunette. Kelly was such a popular television character, that anyone who sees Tiffani today still associates her with the young high school girl. Saved by the Bell also had two TV movies and one spin off, depicting the college years of the gang.


Valerie Malone- 90210

A year after the original Saved by the Bell series came to an end, Tiffani began her role as Valerie Malone in 90210. Valerie was a more complex character than Kelly, with a bit of a darker side and a painful past. She was still considered to be one of the more beautiful characters on the small screen. Valerie used her looks to seduce many different guys in the series including those who were involved with other girls.

tiffani thiessen

Wilhelmina ‘Billie’ Chambers- Fastlane

In her short-lived role as Billie on Fastlane, Tiffani once again brought out her sex appeal while playing a police lieutenant. Billie was a little on the shady side and showed Tiffani’s ability to be more forceful and powerful. She was in charge of creating a two-man undercover team that dealt with the criminal world of Los Angeles.

tiffani thiessen then and now

Dr. Kayla Martin- Pandemic

In the television movie Pandemic, Tiffani played Dr. Kayla Martin, a doctor working for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Kayla had to be brave and face the extremely contagious riptide virus that was rapidly spreading throughout Los Angeles as well as other parts of the globe. She used her intelligence to help find the cure for the disease and held together her team with her cool and collected personality.

elizabeth burke

Elizabeth Burke- White Collar

The sophisticated and attractive Elizabeth Burke is adored by White Collar fans almost as much as Saved by the Bell fans loved Kelly Kapowski. Elizabeth is a supportive wife to her husband Peter Burke and a powerful business woman as the owner of Burke Premiere Events. She seems to have it all together, proving that even after ten years, a husband and wife can still have a solid relationship. Even Neal has a great relationship with her. Elizabeth seems to be the type of woman that others envy.

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