Photo by Paul Drinkwater for NBC.

There is tons of TV that I watch on Thursday nights. And it’s hard to pick favorites, but I tried my very hardest at picking the best moments of the 1/21/2010 episodes.

…Don’t make fun of how much TV I watch, okay? Thursday night TV  has an overwhelming amount of good TV! I don’t plan the TV schedule for the nation. I wish I could. Like,  all networks would defer to me, and I’d plan it for good variety, and so people’s favorite shows wouldn’t be on at the same time. (Of course, networks do that on purpose so you have to pick their show and give them the ratings…details, details.) Oh, here’s the list!

30 Rock “Winter Madness” : Kenneth and Cerie as the very weird couple at the open house? That was amazing. I loved the speech that Kenneth had memorized. And, poor Dale Snitterman. If your boss isn’t a TV fan, try using that name next time you need to blame someone!

Parks and Recreation “Leslie’s House” : Leslie saying she didn’t want to pass up the chance to ask her boyfriend under oath if he’d had a good time – well, that was perfect. I love that Leslie is such a goody two-shoes that she’d donated $1,000 to the rec center and actually called the hearing.

I also really laughed loudly when Tom said, “How could you invite Wendy when Ron’s here? He’s gonna wrap her up in his mustache and take her home!” And April with the gum wrappers! April/Andy is cute.

Bones “The Proof in the Pudding” : The entire conspiracy pulled me in, so from the instant we heard about pink fiber from a possible Chanel suit… yea, it was great. I loved the ‘trapped in’ feeling and the mystery that was heightened as the team worked as a big unit. For a favorite moment I’d have to say it was when they were all at the diner counter and Bones raises her hand and toots her own horn at being the only one that didn’t fail.

Supernatural “Sam Interrupted” : I really loved the dry way Dean talked about elephants, and the straight faces Sam and Dean had when they were called on picking “Babar” as a name. I love knowing that they watched that show or read those books as kids. Awwww.

Dr. Fuller: You were referred to me by a Dr. Babar in Chicago. // Dean: That’s right. // Dr. Fuller: Isn’t there a children’s book about an elephant? // Dean: I don’t know. I don’t have any elephant books.

The Vampire Diaries “Bloodlines” : When people save your life you should be grateful. Damon saved Elena’s life, then she saved his! And at the end of the episode it was Elena kissing Stefan, not Damon. Still, we worked on the Damon/Elena factor a lot in this episode and I liked that very much. I also liked the creepy ‘Bonnie alone in the woods’ scene.

Community “Interpretative Dance” : Abed dancing at the end had me in a full grin. The entire episode was a gem. Britta finally feeling something for Jeff was really sweet. And the dance sequence with Britta and Troy was really cool.

The Office “The Banker” : Well, this was a recap episode and I was a little annoyed I didn’t know that before I settled in to watch! Eh. Now, because it was a recap of ‘best moments’ you can’t expect me to pick a best moment. Maybe… Ryan with his glasses in the tiny office. He’s trying to be all indie/emo hip and Michael is still punishing him.

The Deep End “Pilot” : Tina Majorino scenes in general are just delightful.

Project Runway “The Fashion Farm” : The runway show was greaaaat because there were so many fun dresses that we didn’t get to see earlier.