Time’s TV critic James Poniewozik wrote on his Tuned In blog the top nine TV best revelations of the 00’s.  Five stood out to me as having the most effect on me and being the most important to a TV-loving gal such as myself.

DVRs: They became popular in the 00’s and I don’t know anyone who has one and doesn’t love it. It makes watching TV so much easier. It used to seem like a luxury, now it seems like a necessity.

Cable Shows: Cable shows have become much more watched – thanks to series like True Blood, Big Love, The Closer and Mad Men. And because of this, more established actors and actresses are being drawn to cable shows (Michael Vartan, Holly Hunter, Jada Pinkett Smith…)

Reality TV: Reality TV isn’t new, but it went overboard in the 00’s. What’s wrong with a good scripted show, you guys?! Not only is reality TV more popular, but there are reality tv schools to learn how to become reality stars, Heidi and Spencer wrote a book about being famous, and Snookie from Jersey Shore said her ultimate goal is to have her own reality show. Urgh!

Web TV Shows: You have access to so much more great content, and more people have a chance to show you what they have. See: The Guild, Lumina, We Need Girlfriends. Even little web snippets of actual shows count – like Subtle Sexuality of The Office!

TV Online: Watching TV on network sites or places like makes life so much more manageable! We get to watch tv online and be happy!