Tonight on American Idol 2011 the youngest contestant, Thia Megia, sang “Heatwave.”  This upbeat song showcased her strong vocal tone that is unique to her and makes you wish you could steal it. It had an old feel to it, and I would have been surprised if this didn’t please the judges.

thia megia american idol

What did the judges think?

Steven Tyler – “You’ve taken a step out, just great. I’m good with it.”

Jennifer Lopez – “Now I feel  like we’re scratching the surface with you there.” She knew she had it in her, and wants Thia to dig deeper every week. “Now I know you got it in you.”

Randy Jackson –  “We knew you had it in you. .. I know I’ve been tough on you … you took a chance tonight … you can really sing. I’m happy to see you move up a notch tonight with something different. Continue. Push, push, push!”

What did you guys think?  Do you think Thia Megia will continue to wow America?

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