the guild season three

Season three of “The Guild” is now available for pre-order on Try to show some restraint while you’re over there, though. It’d be easy to make sure you have the first two seasons of “The Guild” and then of course “Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” which had Felicia Day in it, as well. And from there you might as well get a little “How I Met Your Mother” for Neil Patrick Harris, and the Buffy “Chosen” collection of all seven seasons for Joss Whedon (and Felicia). And really, this is the time to realize you have a TV addiction. No – no, you don’t have to DO anything about it. Just recognize it. Embrace it. Feel good in these bones of yours. Then watch more TV.  Good TV is like Jello. There’s always room for it.

If you’re confused by how I linked these actors then you are far behind in your knowledge and need a crash course in awesome.