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the x factorSimon Cowell was sick for Kansas city! So he had a stand in. (Whose name I totally missed, awesome… Louis Walsh!) Also worth noting is that Britney Spears sang for L.A. Reid and brought out a cake. Because Demi Lovato had mentioned it first, I wonder why she wasn’t also singing. Weird TV show politics, man.

CeCe Frey X Factor 2012 – Unchained Melody, for real? But even though she was set up to suck very badly, she didn’t flat out do horrible. This is the girl who had the leopard paint on her face. They stopped her and then she started up “Ain’t No Other Man” by Christina Aguilera. And then the crowd liked her, then. There was more power to her voice, and she was sassy. I think it’s funny that someone recently sang some Britney Spears to Christina Aguilera on The Voice, and now Britney is getting Aguilera in her face now. Spears called her very talented. Everyone did. She was voted in, as you might guess. Demi Lovato said she had a girl crush on Cece. But this is also the girl that was antagonizing other people who were auditioning, so if she’s a brat as this goes on we might not like her in the end. (People on twitter are mad she got through, haha.)

Dino ? X Factor 2012 – This guy had tattoos all over his fafce and head. Intense. Demi Lovato called it sick – but in a good way. Britney Spears was wincing, though. He sang “Trouble” by Ray Lamontagne. He has a great voice, and all of the judges voted him into the next round.

Deangelo Wallace X Factor 2012 – Confident. Or is that arrogance? Oh, definitely arrogance. And then he sang Chris Brown… ugh. And his voice was a joke. Like really bad karaoke. The judges all stood up and walked out to make a point. He said he could be a star because Justin Bieber can’t sing. Then he said all of the judges probably worship the devil. Then he left the building with the microphone – which is worth about 3k. So we had a montage of police going after him. And he even admitted that he stole the mic on purpose. As he got arrested he was singing to the camera. He was charged with a misdemeanor and then released in a few hours. Damn.

Tate Stevens X Factor 2012 – AH, I lost everything I wrote about this, one second! He was really great, and his voice is the kind of thing people would call smooth and rich… like they were talking about a caramel candy and not a voice at all… anyway. He is a stand up guy! Very likeable. A good Dad, a cowboy, and I responded to his humor right away… He sang and the judges were in love with him. Britney voted, “Holy cow, yes!” He took off his hat, rubbed his hat, and had an “aw shucks” look on his blushing face. I don’t like country music very much, but I like his story a lot.

Demi Lovato continued to remind me of Hayden Panettiere, and she also seems so ready to take charge of everything. (Neither are bad things.) Britney Spears makes me sad because her face and hair look so worn and wretched.

AND THAT WAS IT FOR HOUR ONE. The X Factor then took us to a new place, and Simon Cowell was back with us. (I rather like him for being so direct with people who aren’t talented.)

Citizen X Factor 2012 – These are vain boys! But pretty. Patrick Hardigan was one of their names… the rest weren’t ever shown on screen. Favoritism! Why are people trying to bring back boy bands? I wonder if Britney Spears just wants to laugh… I mean, she lived during the height of their hype, and even dated Justin Timberlake when N’Sync was everything… Citizen gave us some En Vogue. Spears actually loved it. Like Cowell, I didn’t get it. I was waiting for him to say something. And he said it felt ten years out of date. I mean, One Direction has come back so boy bands can be a thing again I guess… They were voted in by L.a., Britney and Demi, though. I miss Spears being mean! (They played some Cher Llyod!)

Elevate X Factor 2012 – Another boy band group. So bad. And they sang “Skyscraper” right in front of Demi!

Rumor Has It girl – She didn’t even seem to know the words. Simon Cowell then said, “I can’t have any more Adele songs.” Psh. I love Adele!

Diamond White X Factor 2012 – She was going to sing Adele, but Simon said no way. So she sang “This is a Man’s World.” And boy, could she sing! For 13, her voice has a lot of power! She got through.

Wants to be As Big as Beyonce girl – Wearing about five fashion trends at once, this girl stepped out. She was all upbeat, but then she sang one of those slow songs that reminds me of elevator music from the 90’s. Her voice was good, though. One of those power mellow songs. Even after the music stopped, she kept singing… diva! Seriously, she would not stop! The judges liked her – even Simon.

Brandon Hassan – Another “Trouble” singer… he was voted in!

Three sisters – I forget their name but they were amazing! (When I google about who they might be, lots of news about Khloe Kardashian comes up… sigh!) Update: Sister C!

Panda X Factor 2012 – Like the bear. Yup. But she had a deep, great voice. She started wheezing after she was voted in by each four of the judges, and the EMT’s ha to take her away.

Jessica Espinoza X Factor 2012 – At this point, I feel drained. She had a voice the judges loved and Britney Spears was all emotional about. Lovato used her tried-n-true “you have the X factor” compliment once again. Simon said he didn’t like it, he loved it. Predictable antics from the judges.

Commercials during The X Factor:

Verizon Wireless joined with The X Factor and Simon Cowell
Pitch Perfect movie trailer
JC Penny
Sprint (They’ve got a nice song on their new one. It’s “All My Days” by Alexi Murdoch.)
The Mindy Project on Fox – with Mindy Kaling. It premieres this Tuesday after New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. The pilot was a bit too predictable, but I do love me some Kaling.
Political schtuff
Olive Garden

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