It was X Factor pandemonium in Providence, Rhode Island for more auditions.

Adonis & John X Factor – The Original Greeks aka OG’s. They’ve come out of the basement to share their talent, and their annoying habits. They were all d-bag bandana’s and faux attitude. They tried to make a Lionel Richie song kind of rap-ish. “Yeah, yeah.” I mean, you’d think this was a SNL skit. There was not a shred of talent here. L.A. Reid said, “The good news is that you’ve got a day job.” When they left, they were talking about how Eminem used to get bob’d off stages too.

Sophia Harlow X Factor – She murdered a Black Eyed Peas song.

There was a slew of horrible people. Why, why, why? One contestant started crying on the stage, then balled when his pleading didn’t get him anywhere. Your singing should be the plea you make. That’s your argument, right there. It speaks for itself, literally.

Simon’s audacity has started to wear on me. I’m not sure why he left American Idol only to go to this show. And I’m not sure why we keep employing him. He should be deported. And why does he only ever wear tight white and balck t-shirts? He’s not James Dean.

Britney and her manager decided to mess with Wade, the assistant blah blah. First they asked for a straw hat. Then she decided she wanted a tiara.

Dinah Jane Hansen X Factor – She lives in a crowded house with about 20 people. Man, how many bathrooms do you think they have? Anyway, the crowd loved her and so did the judges. “You took that thing to places that even Beyonce didn’t take it,” said L.A. Reid. Words like “unbelievable” and “wow” were used by other judges. I have to agree.

Arin Ray X Factor – He was on X Factor once, but kicked. He performed an original song “Count On Me.” Demi was smitten. Big time yes.

Natalie Martin X Factor – In!

One4Five X Factor – In!

Changlyi – This 52-year-old Asian came dressed in a sailor dress and hat. …Horrible.

Austin Corini X Factor – Britney Spears was looking at him like she remembered being young and seeing Justin Timberlake singing to her. L.A. and Simon are hoping he’ll get better, and he’s in.

Nick Perrelli X Factor – “You are one to watch, I’ve got a feeling about you,” said Simon Cowell

Sophie Tweed Simmons X Factor – Demi thought she needed more control, and she had something special about her. L.A. didn’t get the chill bumps he wanted to get. Britney thought she had an amazing voice. Sophie then called her Ma’am. Simon said she had an interesting tone. L.A. gave her a no. Suspense! Thankfully, Britney and Demi and Simon said yes.

Tara Simon X Factor – Diva.

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