The final audition episode of The X Factor gave us two hyper kids, one Backstreet Boy wannabe, a man confined to a wheel chair because of his weight, and one truly stunning singer named Lauren Jauregu.

the x factorTrevor Moran X Factor – He was dehydrated and passed out, but was going to be able to audition later in the day. He had a good (nearly great) voice and amazing sense of humor, but I am SO sick of hearing “I’m Sexy and I Know It”… oh dear LORD, I’m over this song. I was over this song the second time I heard it. This is a kid who needs to be in his school’s glee club. (Can you tell Glee was on my mind as I watched The X Factor? Yea.)

Owen Stewart X Factor – He misses his girlfriend, Tori. “You didn’t wow me,” said Britney Spears. She said no, but the other three judges voted him through. Eh. Bad choice. He wasn’t bad, no. But he wasn’t a stunner. There are too many other great singers in this thing already. The bar is high. Also? He was just annoying.  (Re: “This one’s for Tori!”) Oh, brother. He would have been happy in a boy band circa the 90’s.

Freddie Combs – He was once 900 lbs, but is still in a wheelchair and cannot easily stand. But he had a voice that swayed the judges.

Lauren Jauregu X Factor – She sang Alicia Keys and the judges thought she was incredibly special and unbelievable. Demi Lovato said she was “really impressed.” Simon Cowell said the maturity of her voice for 16 really surprised him.

Jordyn Foley X Factor – This giggly girl loves sparkles, pink and pigtails. She sang a song from Annie, and Simon had to let us all know that he hated the song. It was funny to see the girl’s Mother crying happily while the judges were dying and grimacing. Oh, sweetie. She had a very theatrical voice. Simon said no, but the rest said yes – for whatever unknown reason. Guilt induced cuteness starring at them?

Naturally we had to end the episode with a montage of heightened tears and super-sized joy… all in the name of celebrating the show’s auditions, the judges, the judges, the judges and then some of the contestants. Pretty cheesy. Next week we’ll see bootcamp in Miami. Lots of emotional breakdowns, tantrums and nerves. And tears, oh – OH the tears. But luckily the girl who wears leopard print on her face is still doing that. It mesmerizes me.

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