I did it for you guys, I watched The World According to Paris. Of course, I should own up to my own curiosity. When a reality TV star legend returns, you can never be sure if it’ll new exciting or blah. For Paris Hilton, it runs the full star studded (pink) gamut with her new Oxygen series.

If you’re expecting something new, don’t. Paris may be pondering giving up the party lifestyle, but you’ll see her party. Paris may talk about becoming more mature, but you’ll see her acting like a spoiled baby (which she says in interviews is part of the act of entertaining an audience, while dually saying that this is her reality and nothing is scripted.) Paris may not want the press to know she (however temporarily) employed a writer for pornography, but she certainly highlighted it on her premiere episode. It’s a confusing world that Paris lives in.

And very, very pink.

Aside from the pink decorating tips I won’t be taking from her, I have to admit I’ve always thought one thing about Paris is that she has good style. And even celebrities with tons of money don’t always have good style without hiring stylists (and even then, sometimes they flop…) Paris has an artistic eye, and tends to look cute in what she wears and how she wears it. But this gets canceled out by her catty attitude (on the show you hear it in voiceovers) and her whiny, baby voice that she uses to manipulate people. Add that to the mix of a stubborn girl who is privileged, and you don’t have an entirely likeable character to base an empire upon. It makes me wonder…why would any of us want to watch this world?