Try as they might, no promo will ever live up to some of the early promos for The WB. The 2000 promo with “Oh What a Night” has long been deemed a classic by TV fans. One of the things that was so special about these promos is that The WB didn’t just take images and motion clips from their shows, they had all of the different actors together (or at least a few together at a time) and filmed them looking like the entire primetime family was at a party together.

We have youtube videos of these promos from 1999 through the WB farewell in 2006. We also have a couple of the infamous “Watch the frog” promos! Oh, the good old days.

The Wb Promo 1999 – Crawl  (No audio): This song is the same one used in their Farewell promo. The song is “Crawl” by the band This Way. This was called “Faces of The WB” and is sentimental.

The WB Promo 2000 – Oh What a Night: Undoubtedly the favorite of many a fan of The WB, Vitamin C remixed this song, originally performed by Frank Valli and the Four Seasons. This is an upbeat promo that excited fans who were eager to see more of all of their favorite actors and actresses (this was before The Internet was fast.)

The WB Promo 2001 – Talkin’ Bout My Generation: The infamous song by The Who was remixed by Eden’s Crush (from the Popstars reality show on The WB, which included Nichole Scherzinger) and Hesher for this promo.

The WB Promo 2002 – Who Do You Love: This song is a remix by Lillix, originally performed by The Romantics.

The WB Promo 2003 – Fires: This is an instrumental called Fires by Matt Fife. You can view Fife’s Linked In page here. The emphasis was on using computer graphics to highlight episodic clips with voiceovers.

The WB Promo 2004 – Rock With Me: The song is “Ride” by The Vines. There are not many episode clips, but we have actors and voiceovers along with heavy computer graphics.

The WB Promo 2005 – Keep on Rising: This song is by Bent Fabric, and is an instrumental.

The WB Farewell – Faces I Remember aka Crawl

The WB Farewell 2

The Wb – Watch the Frog

WB – Watch the Frog with Milo Ventimiglia

You can still visit The WB website to watch episodes of shows like Friends, Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars.