We’ve sadly reached the finale of The Walking Dead season 3.  Before you go off to mourn certain, uh, losses,  we’ve got 8 quotes to consider as the best from this episode , titled “Welcome to the Tombs.” And unfortunately, “Welcome to the Tombs, Bitch” was not one of them. (Note: Yes, that’s an out-of-date reference to The O.C. Shout-out to Luke Ward!)


Groan, he’s so … murdery

The Governor: In this life now, you kill or you die. …Or you die and you kill.

He’s getting a deeper voice, though…

Rick: (About Carl) He’s still a kid. It’s easy to forget.

We know. We saw. We yelled at our TV’s.
Andrea: I wanted to save everyone. Even the Governor for a while.

Most heartwarming moment, right here…

Andrea: Judith, Carl, the rest of them?
Rick: Us. The rest of “us.”
Andrea: Are they alive
Rick: Yea, they’re alive.

A quick callback to season 2 episode 1?

Andrea: No one can make it alone now.
Daryl: They never could.

Definitely another callback to season 2…

Andrea: I know how the safety works.

It really is all that matters, maybe

Andrea: I tried.
Rick: You did, you did.

And now you can start crying…

Andrea: (To Michonne) It’s good you found them.

Photo Credit: AMC