The Walking Dead gave us an episode that was populated more with living people than with zombies. Of course, The Governor did manage to kill off several of them.

One sentence per topic, here we go…

It’s a nice idyllic little town, heavily guarded.

The Governor
Seems like a cult leader, is keeping zombie heads.

Will trust no one, and wants her sword back.

She was making flirty eyes at The Governor and his pretty town.

Like a bratty, racist Terminator.

The National Guard
Still exists.

The Zombie Heads in the Tanks
Sufficiently creepy, and looking pretty alive with their mouths moving and eyes blinking.

Why Tea
Probably easier to make than coffee.

Why does the Governor have those zombie heads? To bring them back to life? To use as decoys?
Is Merle afraid of the Governor?
Does Merle want to kill Rick?
Will Andrea and Michonne stay in Woodbury?
Why would the Governor kill all those extra hands. Why does he only let some people stay? Does he just hate the goverment?
What is The Governors real name?

Photo Credit: Gene Page for AMC