First off, the song is by Bill Fay…not Wilco. Okay?

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Abraham and Tara bond. Sorta. Photo: Gene Page for AMC

The Walking Dead Recap, Season 4 Episode 15, “Us” – Song Lyrics

During this latest episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ the end featured a song by Bill Fay, titled “Be Not so Fearful.” Here are some of the lyrics below:

Be not so nervous, be not so frail
Someone watches you, you will not fail

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Be not so sorry for what you’ve done
You must forget them now, it’s done
And when you wake up you will find you can run

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Be not so fearful, be not so pale
Someone watches you, you will not leave the rails

This is definitely a song about hope and strength., and finding some sort of new calm. (Forgiveness? Cleansing?) Did you find the song to be poignant as it related to the storyline of our group finding Terminus?